so simple, yet so beautiful…

Photography is a way to freeze a perfect moment and relive it for the rest of your life

Hi I am Nathaly!

Adventurous Photographer based in Alabama with a heart to capture love stories wherever I go!
You can find me editing with my 10 year old pup on my lap, some popcorn, a glass of wine and usually a good show to binge watch - Friends and The Office are my go to!
Married to my goofy best friend, sports fanatic, southern gentleman husband!
I'm ready to hop on the next adventure to photograph your love story so...

Capturing your special moment is much more than just a click of a shutter. It's about capturing the real and unique moments between you two! It's about telling your story in a way that no one has seen it before. It is my honor to make sure that you get to relieve one of the best days of your life for years to come. So don't be shy and share your story with me, you never know... it might just be my favorite one to capture!